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02 December 2008 @ 07:03 pm
I decide to close this community,
from now on i'll post my graphics on my personal journal : afeastforme  there you'll find my wallpaper and banners and icons. I've to do this 'cause i'm into two good community with some friends,  lakecastle and not_so_icons  so,wasn't the case to continue post here.
Moonless will always be here for you, if you wanna pick some old icons, but there will be no new post.
Even if i moved back on afeastforme, you'll always be able to request. But, the rules are changed. Sorry, but i can't make graphic on command anymore, i've some stupid (well, in fact, they're serious) healt problem.
Guys, thank you for following me! I hope you'll move up with me!
Love ♥

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11 October 2008 @ 09:02 pm

I know it's been a long time from my last serious batch but, i've been busy and my inspiration was gone. But now i'm back!
Just let me point out some rules
COMMENT are ♥ so PLEASE comment! Even if you hate my works or me!
CREDIT! (not because i need it, just 'cause it's right!)
DO NOT Hotlink! (i could kill you for this!)

[70] Twilight Trailer Icons (mostly animated lj-standart)
[01]Header (Text and Textless version)
[02] Twilight Wallpaper

maybe you're just sick!Collapse )

I love taking request but you have to do something to
help me:
- give me image at least in MQ
- tell me exactly what you want!
- if you want a wallpaper you've to tell me the dimension! 'Cause
if you don't i'll make it 1280x1024px.
- enjoy my work! =)

04 October 2008 @ 02:24 pm
I'm totally in Paramore mood. I listen only the beautiful Decode!
Man! That is a GREAT song!
Small update, you know, i'm not really in a creative mood in this period! I hope you'll enjoy my dirty little icons anyway.

Credit me please!
COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! (And make my day less miserable ♥)

[04] K.Stewart Icons
[09] Twilight Icons
[06] Becoming Jane Icons
[11] Doctor Who Icons
[37] Lost in Austen Icons
[30] True Blood Icons
[14] Amy Lee Icons
[01] DW Wallpaper
[02] Lost in Austen Banner
[03] DW Banner
[14] Amy Lee Banner

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12 September 2008 @ 12:21 pm

This is a great period, not for the graphic, of course, but for my photo! I've two project on the table, a contest and an exibithion! I'm really excited for the exibithion, it'll be my third in three years.
I've a project for the story, the story is inspired by Doctor Who, the gir il the picture is his new companion in a fanfic i'm writing. Her name is Will. She has lost her memories, and the only thing she knows is her name. She is stuck in a city she don't know, she has a hotel room and some money. The first night besides sleeping, she sees the blue box.
I think it's not so cool tell like this but, with pictures it will be great. No mention to the doctor of course, just the blue box.

Anyway, this time, i've made a lot of icons, some on Becoming Jane (how much i love this movie?), some on Rose Tyler and Donna Noble and the rest on the new HBC show TRUE BLOOD.
I'm trying to convince every person i know to watch the show! Anna Paquin is so damn lovely!

32: Becoming Jane icons
02: Becoming Jane banner
24: True Blood Icons
03: True Blood Wallpapers
65: Doctor Who Icons (Donna, Rose)
03: Doctor Who Wallpapers
03: Doctor Who Banners
01: Wallpaper Christina Aguilera

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- I'm always open to request, just keep in mind to tell me in the comment what you want to see write on the graphics! 'Cause i can run in circle trying to get something cool to write, i'm basically lyrics addicted.
- If you want to know what cologing i've used, or what font, ask me! I really love to help! Use me! ♥


08 September 2008 @ 08:46 pm
No new arts, sorry i've been so busy in this damn period! I promise in the next day i'll post my new art, for the moment, pleas, comment and critic my icons so i can get better! ♥

- I'm always open to request, just keep in mind to tell me in the comment what you want to see write on the graphics! 'Cause i can run in circle trying to get something cool to write, i'm basically lyrics addicted.
- If you want to know what cologing i've used, or what font, ask me! I really love to help! Use me! ♥
12 August 2008 @ 10:22 pm
Ahahah! Back again with a lot of Who icons and some banner.

[64] Doctor Who - 4x01 + Scans
[10] Lizzie Bennet - P&P 2005
[4] Wallpaper (Twilight + BloodLines)
[23]Banners (Twilight, Doctor Who, David Tennant)

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25 July 2008 @ 04:21 pm
Hello everybody!
How's your day? Today i'm freaking out, in the last two days i've worked a lot for a friend of mine, a painter. We were updating his gallery and site. A really hard job. Anyway, today i'm totally free, i've spend the first part of the afternoon thinkin and working for my fanart portfolio; i'd stard to think that proably i should put my portfolio offline, i've no time and no patience to update it, but today, looking at my little baby i've find out that i love my stupid little site and i don't want it to be down. So i've raised up my sleeve and start workin on a new version.
In the last few days i've made a lot of wallpaper, all Ten/Rose centric cause i love these two soooooo much!♥♥ *and david tennant is love!
The coming out of the new twilight trailer make me giggle around for days, it's so impressive! I love more day after day KStew as Bella, they can't pick someone best (of course they could - Ellen page - but probably she wouldent fit well with robert!).
I have a little request for you, if you have some good link for Rachelle Lefevre picture, will you spam me? 'cause i started loving so musch victoria and i wanna make more arte with her, but with no picture is really hard. As you can se, i've used Kiki Dunst as Victoria, is not good-matched, but i love Kiki so, move on!

[16] Doctor Who Icons - All Rose Tyler (1x08)
[16] David Tennant
[12] Twilight Animated
[3] Twilight Wallpaper
[5] Ten/Rose wallpaper

This is what we are BellaCollapse )

Ok, make your own request! Remember to give me:
- Picture
- Text
-Tell me what you want
- Enjoy
19 July 2008 @ 02:43 pm
She threeeyespei help me to decide. It's time to a resource post.
To be honest, i'm lazy and untidy but i've always saved the thing i found around lj or deviantart like brush, texture and stock.
Everything will seem a mess for you, sorry, but if i don't do this like that, i'll come out crazy!(my mom says that i have and live in my own order that it's seem like a confuses mass for everyone else. ;_;)
I'll update this post as soon as i uptade my *txt files!

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11 July 2008 @ 10:06 pm
Back again, but with psd this time. In fact, it's not a real tutorial 'cause i don't know how to write one about a wallpaper XD.
She threeeyespei ask me to write a tutorial about an old kiki dunst wallpaper i make. On my side, i have to tell you that i don't remember how i make something, i just, work on the image. Following nothing but my own emotion. (Yeah, that's sound really weird, but this is).
In this period i'm really and totally in love with doctor who (aww i love christopher eccleston but love more david tennant!) so all my work are with this show.
Anyway, even if i'm only at the season 2, i perfectly know how the show ends and this make me sad. I love Ten/Rose so i made the psd with them.
Feel free to download this and look. Just don't use this as a base cause its NOT!
Anyway, just another thing:

If you want something personal, you just have to ask! I love taking request, just remember that i don't like disney's show/movie/whatever.
Post your image and text and i'll work for you!

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29 June 2008 @ 03:02 pm
Hello to everyone!
How's your day? Mine is really annoying and stupidly hot, if a could i would stay all the day in the shower, but i really can't so i'm here, trying to post my all-new wallpapers.
I'm inspired in these day so i tr to spend well my time on ps.
For today just large pieces!

2 - Strange couple (Anna Paquin + Gaspard Ulliel)
10 - Twilight Wallpaper (6 with the choosen one and 4 with my dream team (Ellen/Gaspard).
3 - Twilight Headers
3 - Gaspard Ulliel userinfo.

July is comingCollapse )

If you're intrested i'll make request for 7 people, in your comment you have to write what do you want (icons, userinfos, header, wallpaper) and post at least 3 HQ pictures.
Except for Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus and other Disney movie/show, i will create anything fr you.
(if you request a wallpaper, please tell me what do you want see written on it =[)

- serah
- rockhardandfast
- summer_lie
- strivex4xlife
- pwnquin
- milusia

Another little thing: